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Support us financially

We receive some funding from Reading Borough Council and our members pay a fee when they attend. Because we keep the fees we charge members as low as we can, and because our council funding is limited, we rely on donations and fundraising to cover our running costs. Here are some examples of what your donation could pay for.
£5pays for a member to attend our centre for one day
£14pays for ingredients for a sweet-making session with a group of members
£25pays for a staff member or volunteer to receive essential training to provide our members with the best support
£84pays for servicing our hoist to ensure it operates safely for those members who require it
We have three permanent staff and a centre manager. They run activities with the club members and support them in what they choose to do, help with preparing lunch and support and supervise our dedicated volunteer team. It costs us roughly £8,500 per year to pay for a support assistant.

In addition to the help we offer our club members, for every club member who attends, there is a family or group of carers who rely on our clubs for respite from caring for the club member. Each support assistant can help about five club members to attend the club each day, so this provides respite for up to twenty families or carers each week.

Whether you donate today or not, if you would like to keep in touch with what we're doing and offer your support in another way in the future, please get in touch or like our Facebook pageas we regularly make appeals that you may be able to help with. There are many ways you can help us, from baking cakes to running in the Reading Half Marathon, we are very grateful for any support you offer us now or in the future.

Phab's Aim

Phab's aim is to promote and encourage people of all abilities to come together on equal terms, to achieve complete inclusion within the wider community. Phab celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2007, having been established in 1957, and we remain one of the oldest clubs in the South East area. For more information about Phab's aims and objectives, visit www.phab.org.uk

Our Care

Berkshire Phab is run by a permanent staff of support assistants and a centre manager. Our centre is purpose built and allows the clubs to accomodate members with a wide variety of abilities. There are some limitations to the support we can provide but wherever possible we extend support to individuals on a case by case basis. All of our staff and volunteers are DBS checked and receive training appropriate to their role in the centre. We take the utmost care in our work to make sure that all of our members are treated fairly, safely and without prejudice.

How we can help

The clubs make a real difference, not only to the members who attend, but for the carers and families for whom it provides respite. The Phab approach is quite different to other care centres in that it puts the choice of activity in the hands of the members and the clubs are all about social interaction and integration. The idea is that Phab clubs are run by the members for the members, and that remains at the heart of what we do at Berkshire Phab.

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