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There are no annual fees for being a member of Berkshire Phab's clubs and once you've registered you can attend the clubs whenever you like. All of the clubs take place at the Berkshire Phab centre where there's lots of space for all kinds of activities.

Our Clubs

For more information about each club, the activities on offer and what abilities we can cater for, please contact us at the centre.

Try our clubs for free on your first visit - call now!

Berkshire Phab Club
Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm

Aged 18 and over
£17 per day (part-day available), lunch £3.50

b.phab Youth Club
Every Saturday, 9.30am to 1pm
Aged 9 to 18

Reading Phab Club
This club is run by our friends at Reading Phab on Wednesday evenings. For more information, visit their website reading.phab.org.uk

Aged 16 and over

The Centre

The Berkshire Phab Centre is based in the MAPP Community Centre on Mount Pleasant. The building was purpose-built and we have a dedicated area on the ground floor with access to an outdoor terrace, flower beds and basketball court.

The choice of activity at each club is completely up to the individual member. The range of activities is comprehensive and so should suit everyone. The activities and projects on offer include:

Computer Skills
From finding your way round to learning how to e-mail and use the internet - some of our computers are adapted for easy use.

Many Art and Craft Projects
From textiles to clay, just take a handful of materials and add a little imagination.

Sport Activities
These include pool, table tennis, indoor curling, basketball, air hockey and many more.

Sensory Room
A wonderful space full of light, sound and touch to find some inner tranquility, refurbished in 2014.

Our sensory garden is there to be enjoyed, but always needs tending.

The Berkshire Community Fund have funded specialist equipment to help members to learn to cook and improve independence.

Other Amenities
We have a restroom and large screen TV. We also run occasional outings.
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